This is the spot where you log in to access your Course. Just type in the user name and password you were provided when you registered. You should have gotten an email from us with that information. If there's not a login box or you don't have your login information, then we have a problem. Contact us. In fact, if you have any questions or problems at any point, it's probably best to contact us.

Please also note: using the Create Account link below won't actually give you access to any courses. It's used for something else entirely. In fact, it might get in the way of you being able to create a student account later when you register. To get enrolled, you need to select a course and enroll. Please also note: if you are registering multiple people, you need to use unique email addresses for each person. The system can only create one username per email address. That is, you will be able to successfully register, but the system will not create the new username until add a unique email address.