Do you believe that God’s Word is potent?

How about sufficient?

How you study the Bible matters. And how you teach the Bible matters a lot. But are you ready to preach? Maybe you are new at this or it is not your primary vocation—lay leader or Sunday school teacher or volunteer. Or maybe you are among the frustratingly large percentage of pastors who simply feel inadequately trained. Even if you have been to seminary and even if you have been working in ministry for years, we would bet you could get sharper or more thoughtful about how you study and preach. Does the confidence you have extend to every literary genre within the Bible, or do you only feel comfortable teaching from particular books in the Epistles or the Gospels? Maybe you have heard a lot about Biblical Theology or you know your church has a doctrinal statement, but you have no idea how they relate to Bible study.

The Simeon Course might just be something you find helpful.

What is it?
The Simeon Course on Biblical Exposition is a flexible online training platform for people who want to get better at studying and teaching God’s Word. We have four different courses that tackle different aspects of preaching and teaching from the Bible: 1) first principles for studying God's Word, 2) preaching and teaching from the different literary genres, 3) the relationship between preaching and Biblical Theology, and 4) the relationship between preaching and Systematic Theology.

Using a unique combination of world-class professors and accomplished practitioners, the Course helps students become familiar with how to preach and teach from each genre of the Bible, how texts function in the context of the whole Bible, and how our doctrinal convictions should have an impact on our preparation. In short, we believe this Course offers great opportunities for churches and those wanting to grow because:
    1. The courses are practical, aimed at giving you the ability to understand the Bible and teach it clearly. 
2. The courses are challenging to those already in ministry, but require no formal training to engage. 
3. The courses are a great tool for churches who want to train others in teaching the Bible. 
4. The genre course offers tracks specifically designed for preachers and women’s ministry leaders.
5. The courses offer students an opportunity to learn from accomplished instructors and expositors.
6. The courses can help pastors reach a new depth in their ability to teach the whole counsel of God.
7. The courses are online and can be taken anywhere there is an Internet connection.
8. The courses can be taken as a group or as and individual.
9. Some of the courses can be taken for seminary credit at a discounted rate.

We could keep going. These are just a handful of our reasons. If you are interested in growing in your ability to handle God’s Word, looking to get some formal training for the first time, or want to train interns who are under you, then we encourage you to look into the Simeon Course on Biblical Exposition. By this point, you are undoubtedly asking yourself: how does it work?